Sheila Dalmat, HGA President

I am proud to say that together you all helped Hadassah Greater Atlanta to innovate and collaborate. As we reflect on 2017, Celebrating Israel, partnering with Challah Bake and creating Almost Chopped! Hadassah’s Incr“EDIBLE” Cooking Competition are our most notable examples of innovation. Breast Strokes 2017, Centennial Leadership Institute (CLI) Cohort 2 and GEM (Gender Equity in Medicine) stand out as our best collaborations.


So, now you may ask, “What’s next in 2018?” I offer that we need to continue to innovate and collaborate and now that we are rocking and rolling, we can move forward with excellence and leadership. And most of all, remember to smell the roses!


Let’s talk about excellence, leadership and smelling the roses.


Excellence. We know it when we see it! Perfect 10 in gymnastics. We know it by reputation! A Tiffany diamond. Remember the old phone on your kitchen counter – always available / no faults. That’s excellence. By contrast the internet is not always available. OUCH – not so excellent. We are all experienced Hadassah leaders, we are supported by experienced past leaders and champions. Excellence is all about doing the right things and doing them right always. Let’s look back on what we did well last year and look forward to how we can improve and reach for excellence. Excellence will be reflected in Best Strokes: A Celebration of Life March 18th. The event name is new, but our passion and our research remain as powerful and life changing as ever. This year’s Best Strokes event is a Celebration of Life honoring our inspiring models both Breast and Ovarian Cancer Survivors from all walks of life. You will know it is a celebration the moment you walk through the door-festive, fun, and heart-warming!


Leadership. Jim Collins’ book, Good to Great is my bible on leadership. He researched sustaining top performing business and social services organizations and their leaders. He concludes that good managers organize people and resources and effective leaders motivate teams to higher performance standards. Excellent leaders exude personal humility and professionalism inspiring others to do their best. Hadassah has a long history of study, learning and professional development. I encourage you to invest in yourself. Learn leadership skills and practices from the best. Learn to be your best self. Locally, Centennial Leadership Institute, affectionately CLI, offers a robust, intimate learning environment for emerging leaders. We encourage you to reach out to Linda Hakerem and Michele Wiener-Merbaum and apply to CLI Cohort 3.


Some of you may be thinking, “okay, Sheila, I get the excellence and leadership, but roses? What about those roses?”

A virtual rose for all Hadassah Greater Atlanta Women Who Do!

Roses are beautiful, fragrant and remind us of celebrations of life and love. Let’s always nurture our souls and care for our needs and the needs of others so that we can celebrate with full beautiful roses. I have a virtual rose for each of you as a reminder that our Hadassah work and all we DO has a higher value – our Awareness, Research and Treatment. CHANGES LIVES GLOBALLY.


Wishing you a great start to 2018!






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