.Our Mission: To Connect Americans and Israelis Through Business

 We are a private non-governmental and non-profit organization, created to:

  • Boost economic development in Israel and the Southeast
  • Establish mutually beneficial business relationships between American and Israeli companies
  • Identify and explore new market opportunities between Americans and Israelis
  • Promote advocacy for Israel within the influential American business community
  • Connect Americans to Israel who would otherwise have no connections

Conexx: America Israel Business Connector is the largest most effective organization of its kind in North America:

  • We serve companies, organizations and individuals in Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Mississippi and Israel
  • Since our inception we have been involved in completed transactions valued at over two billion dollars

We are a successful and effective bi-national business organization in the United States and provide significant value to:

  • Israeli companies seeking to establish a U.S. operation, gain access to the U.S. market and create an American image/presence with low cost and high visibility
  • American companies seeking entrance into the Israeli market, and more importantly, access to cutting edge Israeli innovations
  • Businesses looking for a powerful network to promote their products or services to others within the Conexx ecosystem