AJC Atlanta connects the community to AJC’s global advocacy work. Our local access to diplomats, elected officials, and ethnic and religious leaders advances AJC’s broader global priorities: combating anti-Semitism, promoting Israel’s place in the world, and countering the spread of radicalism and extremism.

Through innovative initiatives and coalitions, AJC Atlanta engages in high-level diplomacy with representatives of foreign governments in Atlanta and the Southeast. Each year we host a Southeast Diplomatic Marathon, a series of meetings with diplomats from nations across the world, where AJC leaders promote our advocacy priorities.

Our intergroup work allows us to leverage longstanding relationships with diverse ethnic and religious communities to advance issues of common concern. The Atlanta Black-Jewish Coalition, founded in 1982, has emerged as a central platform for education, outreach, and advocacy. Other intergroup initiatives include our Latino-Jewish Dialogue, Catholic-Jewish Nostra Aetate Celebration, and Muslim-Jewish Task Force.

We also host Atlanta’s premier young Jewish professionals program. Founded over 25 years ago, ACCESS prepares the next generation of Jewish leaders to engage the key challenges facing the global Jewish community, and empowers young Jewish activists to shape the conversation on today’s critical domestic and international issues. Learn more about ACCESS Atlanta.

For nearly 75 years, our impact has been evident beyond the Atlanta community, yielding tangible results in government policies, strategic alliances, and hard-hitting legislation that have shaped our world for the better.