It is the mission of Children’s Special Services, LLC, to provide quality care to both parents and children. This is not a job for us. It is a calling and a privilege to contribute to the developmental process of your child. We consider it our responsibility to help assure that the children in our care acquire the social, emotional, and physical skills necessary for successful growth and maturity.

We believe in potential and strive to motivate. We understand that change is never easy and that growth is sometimes painful. Our goal is to help facilitate the self-structuring of personal goals through occupational therapy in Atlanta, GA. We understand the grief of missing the goal. We know that parents hurt as much as the children do, and sometimes more. It is our mission to help children confront and conquer their fears and find joy in the process of becoming. We recognize that change comes from within; it cannot be imposed upon anyone. Every family is sovereign and every child is precious. We honor the trust you have placed in us.