About Friendship Circle

Friendship Circle of Atlanta is a non-profit Jewish organization with the goal of providing every individual with special needs the support, friendship and inclusion that they deserve.

What We Do

Friendship Circle provides assistance and support to individuals with special needs and their families through social, educational and Jewish programming. In addition to helping those in need, the Friendship Circle enriches its vast network of volunteers by enabling them to reap the rewards of selfless giving.

Our Mission

Based on the bedrock of “Love your neighbor as yourself”, Friendship Circle’s mission is to:

  • Create friendships and provide support for individuals with special needs by creating an inclusive community where everyone belongs
  • Provide parents and families of individuals with special needs with much needed respite and support.
  • Empower teenagers and teach them respect, giving and acceptance
  • Create a sense of responsibility and connection to the Jewish community for volunteers through educational and social opportunities.

Our Values

Friendship Circle is founded upon the idea that within each person is a soul; and that soul is equal and worthy of boundless love. With this inspiration, the lives of the families we serve are enhanced while the volunteers reap the rewards of selfless giving.