Since 1963, Springmont has been a Montessori learning environment where diversity of thought and global perspective empower students to be inquisitive, knowledgeable, independent, compassionate and effective. Our students are collaborative and celebrate the success of their peers with as much enthusiasm as they do their own. We are proud that our education nurtures the whole person – one that balances intellect, raw talent and ambition with personality, imagination and inspiration.

Engaged learning occurs daily at Springmont.  We offer an environment where lessons are experienced, not just taught. Springmont has a long history of providing an educational experience crafted to each stage of a child’s development.  Our curriculum is as individualized as development itself. This is everything you want for your child’s education, and no school does it like Springmont.

An individualized pace and freedom of choice are balanced with responsibility, allowing children to repeat and perfect concepts and move on to new ones, without being isolated from their peers. Multi-age classrooms allow children to learn from and to mentor other students, an essential principle of Montessori education. Teachers act as “guides,” linking together all areas of study and directing students’ focus toward learning necessary skills.

Outdoor learning experiences are integral to the curriculum. In addition to the hands-on, outdoor experiences available through our classroom gardens, 7-acre wooded campus and on-site animals, Springmont’s has an 86-acre Landschool in Summerville, Georgia, just 80 miles north of our Sandy Springs campus. Experiences at the Landschool include botany and animal life lessons with our naturalist, topography and mineral study, art classes, and collaborative and team-building opportunities.

Springmont’s after-school, extra-curricular programs provide a wide variety of after-school options including Sports, Clubs and Enrichment class opportunities including running, basketball, robotics, chess, cooking, music and art classes.

We invite you to discover the Springmont difference! Tours available by appointment.